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Black Lion Round Walk

This is our favourite round walk to the Black Lion pub at Consall and back. There are 6 pubs on the way and a post office. The walk along the canal is fantastic - especially if there are steam trains running along the Churnet Valley Railway.

Total walk time = 3.5 hours – not including drinking time
See compass bearings in brackets


1. Exit Shawgate Farm Guest House and turn left at the end of the drive
2. Walk up to the end of the lane and turn right to walk around the church
3. Follow the road down past the church and village hall on your right and then bear right down the one-way road where you will find the Fox and Goose pub
4. Continue down the lane past the Fox and Goose (or stop for an early drink) and after 10m turn right at a metal gate down a dirt path
5. After 10m cross over stile
6. Walk down hill along path [320]
7. Keep walking past hedge opening on left
8. Track leads to an open field – keep walking straight
9. Walk along the left-hand-side under electricity lines downhill
10. Path veers left through the corner of the field
11. Bear right [300]
12. After 30m turn right through the hedge due north
13. When through hedge turn directly left [300]
14. After 30m go through another hedge and down through marshy ground towards the wood [320]
15. Enter wood through stile and follow path left and downhill
16. Walk along wood path with stream on right
17. Cross over bridge
18. Follow path now with stream on left
19. Ignore footpath on right
20. Continue along path walking downhill for 10mins [260]
21. You will reach a small lake
22. Walk over the bridge and up a bank
23. At top of bank turn left downhill on dirt track [200]
24. Ignore track on left and continue [180]
25. Continue past fishing lake on left
26. At the bottom of the hill and just before you reach the canal edge veer off left and over a small bridge
27. Walk up the bank and you should now be standing on the edge of the canal
28. Turn left and walk towards the road bridge [60]
29. Turn right along the road and then immediately turn right again into Froghall Wharf. Froghall train station and The Railway pub can be reached by continuing down the road and then turn right when it joins the main road (5 mins)
30. Make your way across a lock and walk along the opposite side of the canal along the tow path with the canal on your right
31. After a few minutes you will reach a tunnel. Follow the path up and across the road to the other side of the tunnel.
32. Walk along the canal tow path for 20 mins
33. The tow path will cross a “switch-over” bridge to the other side of the canal (bridge 52). This is approximately half-way along the tow path to the Black Lion pub
34. Continue for another 20 mins and you will arrive at the Black Lion pub
35. The journey from the Black Lion pub to Old Red Lion pub will take around 1 hour
36. After refreshments in the pub, walk immediately right out of the door and along the side of the pub
37. Pass some chicken coups and assorted junk and follow the path up hill bearing right
38. Walk up the hill and up the steps (the devils staircase) [60]
39. At the top of the stairs follow the pat straight on and cross a stile after 5 mins
40. Continue along the path at the side of the field and then cross another stile out of the field and along a fenced path
41. Cross another stile and into the tarmac drive of Belmont Hall
42. Walk along the drive downhill until you reach a footpath leaving the drive on the right through a stone wall [80]
43. Walk down through the valley and wood across a stream and up the other side until you reach the road (Belmont road – a country lane)
44. Turn right and walk along the road uphill to the top and keep going for 10 mins
45. Ignore a smaller lane uphill on the right
46. Enter the village of Ipstones with a row of houses on your left
47. Just before the junction to the main road, turn left onto a bridal path which runs alongside the playing fields
48. At the top of the bridal path you will see the Old Red Lion pub on your right
49. After refreshments in the Old Red Lion pub, exit the pub and turn left and left up along the road until you reach the Village shop on your left
50. At this point you can see the Marquee of Granby pub just up the next lane opposite the shop
51. Turn right opposite the shop down Brookfields road and follow the road downhill past the school (on left) and you will shortly pass the Sea Lion pub on your left
52. Keep walking downhill until you get to house number 75
53. Turn left along the footpath down the side of number 75 and then walk along the lane uphill [120]
54. Continue walking along Shay Lane and after 10mins the road becomes a footpath – ignore farm drives on left and right
55. The footpath dives down into a wooded valley and across a small bridge before rising up on the opposite side
56. You should reach the corner of a garden. Turn left here and follow the path uphill along the wall (do not carry straight-on across the field)
57. The footpath will now return to a lane and follow it right and up the hill
58. After 5 mins you will see Shawgate Farm Guest House on the hill to your left