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Ipstones Edge Walk

This is a great walk to do in the evening before heading to the Fox & Goose for a hearty meal. There are fantastic view towards southern Staffordshire and north into the Peak District and the Roaches

Best done on a summer evening when it's not too windy. Even when in the summer you should wrap-up warm because it is very exposed on top.

The walk takes 1.5 to 2 hours

It is 100% road walking along quiet country lanes. There is a short 100m stretch at the top along a busier road and you'll need to walk along the grass verge.

It is a gentle walk up to the top of Ipstones edge and a steep walk down.

The map below marks the start and finish at Shawgate Farm.

Simply walk up the village to the cross roads and take a right. From then on bear left along the lanes until you return to your starting point.