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Ipstones Round Walk
Shay lane and returning via Park lane

This is a round walk to the neighbouring village of Ipstones which takes about forty minutes each way. Ipstones has 3 great pubs to choose from and also has a post office. The walk follows shay lane and returns via park lane. The middle of Shay lane was washed away 100 years ago and this point is a little muddy but otherwise the walk follows quiet country lanes.

1. Turn right out of shawgate drive
2. Walk down shay lane
3. Lane ends at shay cottage
4. Take a left at shay cottage following footpath signs down a (muddy) path
5. Bear right at bottom of bank following green footpath signs over a styl
6. Walk down steps and across tiny stream
7. Back up steps and through a kissing gate
8. Continue up the steep bridal path until you rejoin the lane
9. Walk along the lane and you will see ipstones ahead
10. Pass a small caravan park on your left
11. When you reach the houses, take path up the side of primrose terrace
12. Turn right and follow the lane up hill
13. Pass the Sea Lion pub on right
14. Continue along the road until you reach the end with the post office in front
15. Turn left to the Old Red Lion pub or straight over to the Marqui of Granby pub
16. When finished in the pubs, follow the main road through the village uphill
17. Walk along the pavement until you come to a lane on the right sign-posted foxt 1 ¾ miles.
18. Walk along the lane (called park lane) for a mile until you reach a cross roads
19. Turn right at the cross roads to head back into foxt and return to shawgate on your right behind the church.